Master's Degree Program

MSc in Prevention, management and remediation of the effects of natural disasters and climate change on the built environment


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Master's Program

  • The program is ideal for School of Engineering graduates
  • 3 semesters, full time, 90 ECTS
  • Classes start: Μάρτιος 2024
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Unique Program Features

Our goal

The significant effects of natural hazards (earthquakes, landslides, land failures such as liquefaction, fires, etc.), as well as the effects of climate change (floods, extreme weather events such as high temperatures, frosts, tornadoes, etc.). make methodical and thorough research imperative on the prevention, management and remediation of the impacts of natural hazards and climate change on the built environment.

The Master's Degree Program. PRIME NC aims to specialize in the issues of forecasting, monitoring and detection of extreme natural phenomena, prevention and restoration of their effects, as well as issues related to the reduction and adaptation to climate change, within the framework of a sustainable structured environmental policy and its sustainability planet.

Our graduates acquire specialized knowledge for the management of natural disasters and the climate crisis, with the aim of creating a core of know-how, able to cover the gap that exists in the staffing of the Public Administration (e.g. Decentralized Administrations, Regions, Municipalities, General Secretary Protection Police, EMY, etc.) and utility companies (PPC, etc.).

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Entry requirements

  • an undergraduate degree grade of at least 6.5/10
  • knowledge of the English language, at least level B2.

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